If you have balance and proper work ethic, meaning that you can enjoy the benefits of being around your family and kids while not failing to allocate time to get work done, working from home can be a fulfilling experience that is increasingly becoming more desirable and the better option for most.

You could comfortably run multiple small businesses from your home. For instance, if you love retailing and you have a hot product(s) you should consider opening an online store to serve your community or nation.

You could sell second hand Mac Books and iPhones if you can source for them at a decent price in almost new condition. Why second hand Mac Books? This is because many people covet a Mac computer or phone but can’t afford a brand new one. Since a second hand, one in good condition is available at an affordable price, they would grab the chance of buying it from you. A person who covets a Mac Book has friends who want the same. You can be sure of many referrals to your site.

Since it is a localized business, whenever you have a serious buyer or have a sale, you can have the product delivered by your delivery person, or you can deliver it yourself assuming you have the time.

What you would require for such a home business

  1. A reliable source for second hand Mac books with a reasonable price, so you add your markup and remain competitive
  2. An e-Store with e-commerce capabilities like shipping integration
  3. A store room for your merchandise which can be your own house

The above conditions cut across various home-based startups. The upside of such a seemingly unique business is the relatively low capital that it requires in terms of setting up and running it. The bulk of money would go into acquiring the product. To begin with, you could start with as little as two-second hand Mac Books and a couple of second-hand phones.

Setting up an e-store is quite easy, and you can do it yourself through a platform like Shopify in which you can start creating your e-store with elaborate website tools.

By creating your e-store, you have free reign to choose a site theme and many other features that you can use to customize the appearance of the store to your liking. This platform already comes with e-Commerce capabilities, so you could set and be running your shop in a matter of days. Shopify might charge a nominal fee for hosting and server configuration that is most welcome so you can just concentrate on running and marketing your store.

The ability to start and run your own home-based business becomes easier and more viable as the day goes by. The future lies in what you can do from home to earn money.